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Let food love you back.

You deserve it, and it is not that hard. Healthy habits can radically improve your life, right now.

Let’s recover that spark and fall in love again (with food of course).

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You really just have one
priority in life: your health.

Holistic nutrition can and will make your life better. Improve your mood, get more energy, and gain confidence with your body’s best version. And most importantly, live the way you deserve it: happy as hell.

This is the plan:

1. Let’s define what you need and works best for you. Then we will make it a goal (with a due date of course).

2. We will create an easy-to-follow meal plan that matches your daily routine.

3. Follow your personalized plan and let me know everything you feel and need.

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We are in this together.


  • Bachelor in Nutrition, Universidad Regiomontana

Nutricionist experience (7+ years):

  • Vitaleza
  • Asteriscos
  • Prosalud


  • Healyhy habits coaching certification. (2017).
  • INN integrative nutrition health coach.
  • Nutrition, metabolism and obesity treatment certificates, Vancouver.
  • Conscious cooking certification at Amayal - By Bárbara B. Powers (2014).
  • Nutrition Workshops at the Autonomus University of Nuevo Leon - UANL (2013, 2014 y 2015).

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You deserve to be better.

Holistic nutrition helps your body, mind and overall health. Here out some happy clients!

This is my patient Nidia. In the first photo she weighed 120 kilos and in the second 61. We have achieved everything Thanks to a good diet. I admire you so much Nidia you are a great example to follow.

HABITS we know that they are the way to change our life, but we continue looking for magic formulas.

See improvement in the first 30 days, starting from $10 USD per week!

You need a specific, personalized plan. We will always adapt to your lifestyle
and needs, making small, yet significant changes on your daily habits.

Start the change

Let’s have a 30 min call and define what needs improvement. With a set goal we can make the perfect plan.

Improve and learn

Ongoing 1-on-1 support to help to stay focused and live together your change.

Continue and enjoy!

Constant feedback and customization for your plan. The formula constantly adapt to your goals and satisfaction.

Your health and happiness are worth it, and so are you.

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